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As a parent/guardian of children today, digital media seems like an enemy to the development of our children. We are constantly asking ourselves, what and how much digital media is okay? How do we ensure our children are not becoming zombies before our very eyes? How do we, as parents, keep up with technology so we can ensure our children are being safe online?

Today's children are growing up in a highly digital society and learning how to navigate it earlier and faster. It is crazy to see my two year old son push the skip option on YouTube to continue watching Peppa Pig. It may, at first glance, seem like he's just super smart, but in reality he has never known a life without technology. He has already become accustomed to seeing me, his father and his six year old brother fixate on devices around the house.

This is today's normal.

About Djuuno!

My name is Shareen Galsgaard, founder and excited client of Djuuno. As a mother of two boys, I am constantly thinking about my children's exposure to digital media. What makes it a whole lot harder is having a technologically savvy husband with his own strong opinions on the future of digital media in our children's lives. I know I do not want to cripple them by refusing any and all online exposure but how do I ensure it is encouraging them to be and do better?

Without knowing, this constant inner battle was the creation of Djuuno - an online marketplace offering educational activities, both digital and in-person, for children in Malmo. Each activity is taught by professionals in their respective fields willing to share their knowledge and passion with children in their community.

As parents, we must find a way to positively encourage the use of digital media in our homes because it is here to stay! We need to create a new normal. A new way for our children to interact online. A new way to see digital medial as a tool that entertains and allows our children to share what they are learning, make friends, explore their interests, and expose themselves to new ideas.

Djuuno is The New Normal.

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