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At Djuuno Club, we understand what matters most to parents because Djuuno Club helpers are parents and/or grandparents. We care that every child feels safe, heard and free to play when attending our activities. Every Djuuno helpers must have a current approved permit from the local police to work with children in our activities. We also select Djuuno helpers who have had a past experience in education and pedagogue to ensure that their main focus is on the children and their overall experience. 

Experience our Parties!

Planning Djuuno activities has made us pretty good event planners. Celebrate your child's birthday the Djuuno way! Children will get to discover the fun side of STEM through activities and games that they participate in. Plus, we have pre-made goodie bags for all the kids to take home.

We are here to listen, just leave your details and we will give you a call.

As a start-up, we don't get so many phone calls so expect to hear from us soon.

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