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Are you looking to put the wow factor into your next event or fair? Our child-friendly events can be tailored to your needs with the added value of a learning experience for the whole crowd.

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Djuuno STEM Show

Group shows for upto 120 kids

We offer large scale science experimentation presentations that will be enjoyable for both children and adults. A great way to create events with the added bonus of science learning.


Djuuno Fair Booth

STEM full day rotational activities

Are you planning a food fair, eco fair, or any other fair or annual event that could use some STEM fun? Djuuno offers the opportunity to carry out hands on STEM experiments on rotation at a booth, with the added bonus of a take home activity gift for each participating child.

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Career Day!

90 minute visit

At the ages of 9 - 14 years, children are already deciding what they would like to be when they grow up without a lot of knowledge on what the job is.


If you are working in a STEM related job, collaborate with Djuuno for a visit to your office for Djuuno Club members who want to be just like you when they grow up.


Help fund Djuuno activities for children living in your community

Your ticket purchases removes the barrier of money for most families, allowing children with social, ethnic, religious, and gender differences to attend activities together and build tolerance of other people's differences at the age it matters most.  

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