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Born and raised in Kenya, education was the focus of my family, sports and art were hobbies to be done after school, if there was time. Contrary to my upbringing, I promised myself if I had children, I would encourage passion rather than education.



I did have children and immediately forgot the promise I had made to myself.


In 2020, my family relocated to Malmö and I immediately enrolled my son in sports. After a year and a half of paying for different sports, I learned that I was paying for him to spend the hour getting to know the coach and not the sport. His lack of interest finally sunk in. I decided to try a different approach and listened to my son and what he wanted to do.


Knowing his interests were in science and math, I began searching and talking to parents on social media on educational weekend activities in Malmö. All I got were messages from parents to alert them of any activities I find. I realized I was not alone in this search and that led me to start Djuuno, a social entrepreneurship company that gives children a safe, social, interactive space to be their authentic self surrounded by other kids who want to do the same.



Shareen Galsgaard

Founder & Client of Djuuno

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