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Return & Refund Policy for Djuuno Activities 

Last updated: 22 February, 2021 


Activity Confirmation 

Your registration is not complete until full payment is received. All confirmations are valid for the named attendee/s only  


Refund Policy 

Refund requests must be made 14 (fourteen) days before every activity date. Any requests for cancellation in the 14 days before the activity will not be accepted. We only do this because our activity planners have spent a lot of time preparing the perfect activity for your children and we would like to ensure that they have a wonderful audience to teach.  


We understand that even though every parent would like their child to participate in our activities, there are some days that are just too difficult to make it. As a means of trying to respect both the parents as well as the activity planners, we request that you donate your ticket to a friend or request Djuuno to help you locate a parent willing to take your space, we will do our best but cannot confirm that we will manage to find a replacement. In the event that Djuuno cannot find a parent willing to take your ticket, your refund will be denied. We will however send you an email on the activity and a video of what it was about.  


For All Activities  


This policy applies to all circumstances including any COVID-19 related reasons such as: transportation disruptions and cancellations, border closures, travel visas being declined, illness, travel or health advisories and quarantines. COVID-19 and its consequences are no longer unforeseen thus our extended support has ended and our cancellation policy will apply as usual.  

All participants acknowledge that changes in itinerary, location, content, host or other arrangements may happen with little notice before the event date, in response to reasons including but not limited to: weather events, security events, closed borders, public health scares, host or team sickness or injury. Djuuno reserves the right to do so at any time, although we will make every attempt to make decisions jointly with the participants.  

It may be necessary to cancel an event for reasons beyond our reasonable control. If Djuuno is required to cancel an activity, we will offer you the choice of either: (a) a refund for the paid amount minus any transaction charges incurred from our online payment provider; or (b) credit for a future event of your choice subject to availability, to be used within 3 months from the notice, up to the original ticket value 

We reserve the right to return the payment and refuse acceptance of the booking at any time, for any reason, at no penalty to us.  

Any refund due, once approved, will be issued within 10 days of receipt of the cancellation notice to your original payment method, which usually show up in 3 - 5 days. 

To submit a request to change or cancel your booking, please email us ( with the activity in question and your child’s name. We will do our best to help.   



Contact Information 


GDPR Officer: Shareen Galsgaard 



Phone: +46 708740675 



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