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Spark creativity in your community

Share your passion with children through Djuuno


Why teach with Djuuno

Be a Superhero 

Teaching children is rewarding in more ways than one. Through your activity you will be offering children an opportunity to learn, explore, build their imagination and creativity and gain an understanding of their community and their role in it. 

To be that impactful in your community you must be a superhero!

Image by Damir Spanic
Earn Money

Through teaching an activity you will be able to: 

1. Increase your company visibility in your community

2. Earn More through expanding your client base to include a new demographic

3. Focus more on your business while we handle market your skills and receive feedback through reviews of your courses. 

Image by Hannah Busing
Interact with Your Community

Offer your community a chance to understand what you are good at and support you to continue doing what you love. 

Let your voice be heard by those around you!

How Teaching Works

We are here to help!

You are not alone! As a community centered company, we are available to help you create the best activities from start to finish. Whether you need assistance creating an activity, getting more children to enrol in your activities, or just have general questions. 

Our success is only possible with your success!

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Activity Planners

As we see it, Djuuno is built with social impact in mind. Society working together to create the best possible activities for children living in their community. In our eyes, anyone with an expertise they would like to share can be an activity planner. 

We are calling out to parents, aunties, uncles, godparents, or grandparents willing to share what they know with future generations. 

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