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Little Scientists

By Djuuno 


Little Scientists focuses on offering Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) workshops for children between the ages of 8 - 14 years in schools. We carry out fun experiments and play games with a focus on building curiosity, engaging children in social interaction through group work and practicing failure in a safe, inclusive, friendly space. All activities are taught by facilitators with police approved abstracts to work in activities with children. We offer instructions in English and Swedish.


  1. Encourage tolerance and respect for people’s differences

  2. Empower children to find their unique identity

  3. Encourage democratic thinking

  4. Promote a love of  life-long learning


Children are born scientists, always observing and testing theories of why things happen but as they get older, they begin to loose their curiosity and determination to explore the world. The future needs adults with child-like creativity and exploration to help find unique solutions for our current global issues. 

Little Scientists believes all children can be interested in STEM learning but not every child will not want to participate in our workshop. Children without interest will not register or naturally filter out and that is okay.

This is how we base our working method:

  1. Registration is open to all children within ages 8 - 14. STEM sessions will be split between two age groups (ages 8 - 10) and (ages 11 - 14)

  2. Every Little Scientists session begins with a short yoga session to improve physical and mental health first.

  3. Little Scientists will host x2 sessions (90 minutes each) three times a week for a period of four weeks

    1. We create experiments based on questions that children are interested to answer? Examples of questions we ask:

      1. What would be a cool device to make my bicycle even better?

      2. How can we work together to solve the case of the tiny burglar?

      3. Why does my house have 6 recycle containers? Isn’t it easier to just dump everything in one?

    2. We are also willing to work with teachers to focus our activities on particular subjects that children have difficulty learning.

  4. Children receive interactive, fun, experiment worksheets to do with parents, or siblings every weekend.


STEM activities can be quite costly but with a group of at least 20 - 30 children we can enjoy great discounts in our supplies. Djuuno will be responsible for all material, completion workshop pins, as well as facilitators for each workshop. We go a step further in offering a 30 day payment period. 


Djuuno carries out workshops every Sunday in our space in Malmö, please email us for more information or simply call us




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