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Wednesday is officially STEM DAY! Every week, Djuuno shares a DIY STEM activity that can easily be done using items easily found at home. Our DIY activities can be done by children but are a lot more fun when done in the company of a parent, guardian or sibling. Make Wednesday your official day for STEM at home by recreating some of our videos with your kids after school. 


Floating Art

Do you know to bring your art to life? Experience the magic of board markers in this simple, inexpensive activity that is sure to wow the entire family. 

This activity is great for improving a child's motor skills.

Copy of floating art (1).jpg


The Growing Caterpillar

This paper towel experiment is so fun to watch and make. Watch as the caterpillar wiggles and grows as it consumes water. 



Wondering what to do with those old CDs siting in storage? With a little tape, the pop-top from a water bottle, and a balloon, your child will have a homemade hovercraft gliding across the kitchen floor in no time.

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